Monday, August 17, 2009

26 weeks and some randomness

i woke up feeling gigantic (as usual these days) and decided to take a picture just to see how huge i really am. pregnancy is so weird. it's so strange to see my belly bouncing around when i'm just sitting on the couch. i feel like i can actually feel the difference in the baby's size-she feels so much bigger in there these days. i hope i get another ultrasound at some point because i'm imaging that we could see so much more now than we could a couple months ago. it's amazing to me how fast things change-everyday i wake up feeling like i've grown a few inches!

this morning i managed to do something productive. i went to a volunteer orientation for the pregnancy center down the street from us. their facility is SO nice. the girl doing the orientation is in her 2nd year of the same program i am in at the seminary and will actually be in one of my classes. ha, it's amazing to me how everyone we meet here is tied to a church or ministry somehow. just another way this town is so different than austin.

after that, i went up to the school to get some stuff taken care of. once again, i found that i LOVE how small this school is. while i loved my undergrad experience and wouldn't change it for a thing, this is the perfect place for me right now. everyone is so friendly and helpful and parking is a dream!

once done with that i've been home all day being lazy. i just keep falling asleep-i think the heat makes the tiredness worse.

orientation tomorrow :)

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