Friday, August 21, 2009

my obsession with food seems to be growing lately. i contribute this to 3 things:

1. pregnancy
2. boredom/free time
3. obsessive food blog reading

maybe i need to start obsessively reading exercise blogs so that i will develop an obsession (or at least interest) in exercise!

tonight i am DETERMINED to track down some frozen yogurt. i found a place not TOO far from our house, so after gregg gets home and eats dinner, i plan to coerce him into going there with me. so far in the pregnancy, i've been avoiding soft served ice cream and yogurt because someone told me (and i also found online) that soft served ice cream/yogurt could POSSIBLY contain listeria if the machines aren't cleaned out properly. ugh. had no one told me this, i would have been enjoying soft served yogurt all summer long but since i heard it-i can't get it out of my head. however, i've decided that the likeliness of that happening is not great and that if millions of other pregnant ladies eat DQ blizzards everyday then i can probably trust a new yogurt shop to serve me non-listeria frozen yogurt.

in other news, i made this "homemade" hamburger helper type stuff tonight. i'm not sure that's it's all that much healthier because it involved a can of condensed cheese soup but i think it's probably better than the box stuff. by far the easiest thing i've ever made and i kept thinking about what an obvious kid-friendly recipe this is. sometimes, i just really want things like boxed mac n cheese and cheese hamburger helper so this was a compromise.

i also visited the dr. today and am so relieved to find her to be so kind and patient. i didn't feel rushed AT ALL and that is a great thing. she confirmed that i am in fact a little on the small side but only measuring one week behind my due date so it's really nothing at all and the baby is totally fine and healthy. i wasn't really worried about that, but with the amount of ppl telling me how small i look lately i figured i'd mention it to her. i'll take small over huge any day! so far, i have gained 17 lbs which is pretty much right on track for almost 27 weeks so i feel good about that.

ALSO, i started classes yesterday. it was so strange to be sitting in class going over a syllabus again after nearly 5 years out of school, but the whole time i was sitting there, i just kept thinking about how grateful i am to finally be doing this. i will definitely have plenty to keep me busy with my 10 hours so i'm feeling better about not taking more hours this semester. lots and lots of reading and paper writing so i'm hoping it all comes back to me. i'm meeting with all my profs next to discuss the pregnancy and how it may effect the end of the semester. so far, i'm hopeful that i will be easy to work around and they all seem very approachable. it's pretty awesome to start a class out with prayer request by the way :)

i was thinking today, that overall, this transition (at least to this point) has been much smoother and easier than i expected it to be. i'm meeting people in my program left and right, our financial situation has been stable, gregg's job is looking promising and i'm still excited about school even after reading the syllabus for every class about 20 times! i think i've also figured out a way (fingers crossed) not have to have ANY childcare next semester which i am just praying works out like i'm thinking it will. that would be so awesome but we'll see-you can't really plan things like out too well i suppose.

whew-that's a lot of words. sorry no pictures.

now, i need to gregg to get home & eat so we can find the frozen yogurt!!

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