Sunday, August 16, 2009


wall of water at the museum
gregg and his favorite art of the day

some self takes outside the museum. for some reason i was looking up at a building across the street in the top one...

this weekend i decided we needed to make a trip to dallas to see if there is anything going on there. i'd like to think dallas has more to offer than we discovered because we ran out of things to do pretty quickly. we did visit the Dallas Museum of Art and then we went to this small neighborhood area that reminded me a little of a much smaller south congress shopping area. it was cool and had a couple of restaurants i'd like to try if we ever go back. we then stopped a mall halfway between here and downtown dallas in arlington. i have NEVER in life seen so many people in the mall at one time. it was scary but i think it had something to do with school starting back soon. if go back, it will definitely be during a weekday.

dallas does of a living history village, a zoo, and some parks i wouldn't mind visiting when it's not 100 degrees outside, as well as an aquarium that looked pretty cool but was just so expensive we decided to skip it.

i was looking through some old pictures of myself trying to remember what i looked like before i was 6.5 months pregnant. i'm not adjusting all that well to what my body is doing to me. i just feel so gigantic but there is nothing i can do about it. it doesn't matter what i wear, i just look large. i know i'm supposed to be large because of the baby growing inside me but, my problem is that i'm constantly comparing myself to what i looked like 6 months ago and then i feel huge. ugh. for this reason, and so many others, i will be so happy when the end of november gets here we have our baby girl out in the world with us!

i was at target the other day and kept seeing all these young moms with little girls and it made me really excited. we visited a new church this sunday and there were SO many young families and baby girls-which also fueled the excitement for myself as well as gregg. i've already realized that gregg will have a hard time not buying every cool pair of baby shoes we see. ha. gregg's always been pretty big on accessories and cool shoes and cool looking bags are his weakness! yesterday and today i had to talk him out of buying baby shoes-they were pretty cool though but a baby doesn't really need shoes and we already bought her one pair of Simple baby shoes
(SO CUTE by the way!).

anyway. that's my life.

tomorrow i have a volunteer orientation for the pregnancy center here that i'm going to volunteer with it and tuesday i have school orientation and i start classes thursday! i'm so excited to finally start feeling like i have a reason for being here!

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

first of all, you are still tiny. and second, you have a cute baby belly, i can actually tell you are pregnant now. :o)