Friday, July 17, 2009

leaving austin

exploring the 360 drive right after we moved to austin

gregg's dream of cooking a whole fish came true about a month after moving in..
we bought our car (or ollie as we like to call her)
our new apt after we were all moved in..

one week from today gregg and i will pull away from our apartment in austin and head to a tiny "duplex" in ft. worth to spend the next 2.5-3 years. i have very mixed feelings about all of this.

when we moved here 2 years ago we had been married for about 6 weeks. gregg had just graduated from nursing school and was about to start his first job. we were so broke and had no friends here. yet i was SO happy to finally get here and get into our apartment and have our first married place together. we had been living with gregg's parents and grandparents for the first 6 weeks of marriage and, while that definitely went very well in comparison to how most situations like that would play out, i was still so happy to be in our own space. i was also crazy about our apartment (and still am..)- for an apartment it's not bad a bad space at all.

it didn't take long for both of us to start to feel a little stir crazy but we spent the first month of our time here off of work together. i was searching for a job and gregg was waiting for his to start. i remember praying and begging God to please bring some friends to us. we were so desperate for friends!

we started a class at our church for newlyweds and, while it felt a little cliche to me at the time, i'm so glad we did it. our group leaders from that class turned out to live in the building right next to us and over the last two years have become some of our very closest friends here. i have been so thankful for brittany and steve and it will be so sad to not have them next door in ft. worth.

not too long after that we started a community group through church and were just overwhelmed by how well everyone in that group fit together. that rarely happens when random groups of people are put together. usually, there are clicks and some that fit better than others but that wasn't the case with this group. this past wednesday we had our finally group meeting with this same group of people we met nearly 2 years ago. i really can't express how grateful i have been to have these people in our lives. they aren't afraid to live transparently and speak up about the things in their lives that they are really fighting against. they don't hesitate to sit for hours and pray and cry (in the girl's case) and talk through life with each other.

the friends we have made in austin have truly TRULY been such an answer to prayer and i am just relying on God to take care of us in this next stage of life as He did here.


Brittany said...

Okay Jen, you totally just made me cry seriously! :( Y'all will definitely be missed. I'm glad that you're only a 3 hr drive away... or 1.5 hrs if we meet in Waco! Y'all have been such a blessing in our lives as well. I'll miss hanging out with you by the pool, grilling food, our homemade pizza nights, and especially 'the baked goods exchange' we had going on between our apartments! More importantly, I'll miss having a good friend right next door who always cheered me up when I was sad! Y'all are great friends and I know we'll remain close as you take this next step in God's plan for your life!

hope said...

Ok, i'm tearing up:( we are going to miss y'all so much. i'm so excited for you as y'all take this next step, God is so faithful.
I hate saying i'm saying see ya!