Tuesday, July 14, 2009

goodbye work

i just have to blog something so that terrible picture of me will stop popping up on here 1st thing!

today was my last day of work :) while i truly have enjoyed my job for the past 2 years and have enjoyed my co-workers even more so, i was still happy to drive away today. there is something about knowing something new is coming that is always exciting. this time, it's especially exciting (and slightly terrifying) because it's quite a bit of new all at once! gregg and i move to ft. worth in about 1.5 weeks. 1 week from friday we will officially be living in ft. worth. so strange. some days i'm excited about this and other days i refuse to think about it. today i'm feeling pretty good about it but yesterday just thinking about all the newness made me want to go back to sleep. i like to avoid life when it makes me uncomfortable :)

anyway, so that's it for me for working for at least the next year i'd say. we'll see how it goes-i may end up trying to get something part-time once my schedule gets settled and we determine if it's worth it once the baby comes.

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