Saturday, July 11, 2009

i hate this picture but here it is. gregg took this one so you can see a little more of me. i wish i could figure out way to take a normal looking picture from the side. my face always looks so weird. this was 20 weeks and 4 days i believe.

i had another saturday all to myself today. last night before i went to sleep i had plans of waking up early and going to the farmer's market to buy some fruit. it didn't happen. i woke up early but talked myself out of the farmer's market. i don't know why. i can always go next saturday-which will be our LAST saturday in austin. ugh.

instead, i did some laundry, random errands and window shopping and was home by 11:30 for lunch. i did some time at the pool until i just couldn't take the heat anymore and then i tried out a new pregnancy workout DVD that came in the mail form netflix today. unlike the last one i tried, this was an actual workout for me at 5 months pregnant. it was good. i plan to keep it for awhile.

i have felt really hungry today for some reason and made a really simple, basic and cheap pizza for dinner. i tried holding off until 7:30 to eat with gregg when he gets home but i just couldn't wait any longer. now i'm trying to not keep eating because it's still sitting out waiting on him.

pretty uneventful day. tomorrow should be about the same only gregg will be off and we will go to church. we are also selling our washer/dryer to a couple in our apt complex tomorrow since we won't have hook-ups when we move.

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