Monday, July 20, 2009


the King of the Crib one is for my friend jamie's baby boy due about a month before abbey.

i've spent most of days home alone packing lately but i've pretty much run out of things to pack until thursday when we'll pack the last minute stuff so i decided to dig open a box and pull out my camera cord so i could upload a few pictures.

one day last week i went to hobby lobby and bought some iron on transfers to make some plain white baby onesies a little cuter. i really wanted to find some stencils but couldn't find anything good. i think i will search etsy later for some. and then on saturday i had small baby shower with some friends here and we did more of them! actually, the other girls at the shower did some really cute onesies with paint but since i am not talented in that way i stuck to iron ons :) the cute painted ones are still the baby shower house because they had to dry. so that's what the above pictures are of. there is also a picture that i took at the zilker park theater on friday night. gregg and i went out to see the free musical The Music Man. i was surprised by how nice it was outside but do suggest taking chairs if you ever go. the ants were horrible!

sorry i've got nothing interesting to report.


Brittany said...

Yay!!! You posted them :) Thanks for digging out the cord. I very much enjoyed the pics. Can't wait to see the painted ones!

Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

I like you gerber onsie idea better than mine. I might steal it. Joe and I were going to buy white gerber onsies and take permanent or fabric markers and make our own design. ha!

hope said...

those are cute well as the ones that were painted!