Tuesday, April 7, 2009

well my pregnancy book was right, week 6-7 brought on the real pregnancy symptoms. i know that a lot of people have it worse than me so i'm trying to not complain. unfortunately, all i have the desire to eat is bread type things-not exactly healthy.

this past weekend my sister had her semi-bach. party. we traveled to matagorda, texas to visit the lovely matagorda beach. (much sarcasm) i do have to say the beach was much better than i remember it being in high school but definitely not worth the 3.5-4 drive. we decided to go there instead of port aransas or corpus because my cousin had access to a free beach house we could use. the house was adorable and right on the water so that was very nice. i really didn't feel like going mostly because of the drive and then i felt nauseous for the majority of the trip. i tried to hide my bad attitude about the whole thing but i'm pretty sure i failed on the drive home. i just felt so sick.

anyway, that pretty much took up my entire weekend and have nothing interesting to say.

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