Sunday, March 29, 2009

boring sunday and some pictures

apple cinnamon muffins with white chocolate glaze
5 mins after seeing the plus sign

today, like most sundays, has been a pretty boring and uneventful day. aside from church and lunch out with some friends earlier today-neither gregg nor i have left the house. we actually both napped after lunch. napping has quickly become my favorite past time. gregg says i'm not actually tired more now that i'm pregnant but that i feel like i have an excuse to nap now. i don't think this is true. i feel i am definitely more tired than usual but i don't think it's worth arguing to try to convince him of this :)

i did manage to make some really awesome apple cinnamon muffins with a white chocolate glaze this afternoon. they are SO good. it was the first time i'd made them so i wasn't sure what to expect but was nicely surprised. also proud of myself because i made some changes to the recipe and they came out great and the white chocolate glaze was my own idea.

i've been avoiding caffeine because it seems like the safest thing to do this early into a pregnancy. it's so rough. definitely the hardest thing about it so far. i can't even have execessive amounts of chocolate because of the caffiene in it. if i wasn't so paranoid i'd probably eat more chocolate but i'm a paranoid mess already so i avoid it.


Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

ok apple cinnamon muffins post, I updated my blog.

Brittany said...

Can it really be a muffin if it has frosting on it? Or does that make it a cupcake in disguise? :) j/k girl~ had to give you a hard time. They look YUMMY ~ you must share sometime!