Saturday, March 28, 2009

so i'm officially pregnant. my plan was to wait for another 4-5 weeks to start telling the whole world but that plan didn't work out so well. i had a doctor's appt yesterday that confirmed everything is totally okay and healthy at this point and i was so relieved to hear that, i couldn't help telling everyone i know. of course, the first 12 weeks are the riskiest for miscarriage (i'm only on week 5-yeah really early) but i'm just praying everything stays healthy.

i found out last thursday when i was at an appt with my regular doctor. i had gone because i had been having some pain in my left side for nearly 2 weeks and couldn't figure out what it was. before i went to the doctor i took a home pregnancy test because i had a feeling they would do one there. it came out positive. when that second line started to form i started shaking. i had to call gregg into the bathroom to make sure i wasn't seeing things and the first thing out of his mouth was "oh man, what have we done" ha. comforting. i then went to the doctor who confirmed that i was pregnant but because of the type of pain i was having that it was possible that the pregnancy was ectopic. not good news. i wasn't expecting to hear that at all and i immediately started to panic. so they did an exam and made us an "urgent" ultrasound appointment for the next morning. the next morning came and they did the ultrasound but because i was so early they couldn't see anything to determine were it had implanted. they did, however, discover a cyst the size of a small orange on my left ovary which explained the pain. apparently, cyst are totally common and nothing to worry about. this is i did not know but was glad to hear. so a week of blood tests goes by and i had my 2nd ultrasound yesterday to find the baby firmly implanted where it is supposed to be! hooray! i was so relieved to hear that-it's what i'd been praying for all week. so there you have it. i'm pregnant.

toast is officially my best friend. it's all i can eat in the morning without wanting to puke. other than that and some extreme tiredness-i'm feeling pretty good. my pregnancy brochure says that the full force of pregnancy symptoms hits around week 6-7 so i guess i could still be in for it. we'll see.

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