Wednesday, December 10, 2008

update in picture form

some people are calling this snow but i think it's ice, either way-it is actually cold here! this is the apartment building across from ours that gregg took a picture of this morning.

my new keyboard! my fantastic husband has been scheming up a way to get me to agree to buying a keyboard for months and he finally succeeded. it's not that i didn't want one-i definitely did-i'm just always worried about the money. i'm so excited to have it-even though it is a little sad to try to play again after not touching one for EIGHT YEARS. yea piano!

gregg and macey outside the DQ we ate at in wimberely this past weekend. rough day.

even macey realized that wimberely was a poor choice..

and our christmas tree which has been up for a week but i keep forgetting to put pictures up. it looks almost exactly like our tree from last year..weird..

i'm not really in the mood to write a whole lot right now but i'll update with pictures at least...

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