Sunday, October 12, 2008

texas is way too big.

we went to visit my parents in alvin over the weekend and just got home about an hour ago. it is a 4 hr drive to alvin from austin-that feels ridiculously long when you are in the car. i think i need to move to a much smaller state.

alvin is not a nice town in case you were wondering. it reminds me a larger version of my hometown-palacios-which is also not a nice town. texas is full of not nice towns it least south texas.

so the weekend was spent driving, hanging out with my family and driving some more. i am sad that tomorrow is already monday. blahness. sometimes i just want to be a stay at home wife although i'm not sure i would really like that (what would i do with all my time?!) and i am sure that that will never be an option..i mean, stay at home mom isn't even really an option when that time comes. speaking of which, i think our plan is to wait until we have been married 3 years to start trying to have children. that would put us at spring of 2010..sounds good enough to me.

ugh work tomorrow.... i even like my job and i still don't want to go. oh well.

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