Thursday, September 4, 2008

a good wednesday

gregg went for a drive a few days ago and stopped along the way and took the picture above. austin can be so pretty sometimes i forget we're still in texas :)
gregg at mozarts

macey peeking over the table..she's so freakin cute. i think my obsession with her is proof i'm going to one of those moms who is so obsessed with their child it is obnoxious..

macey and i at mozarts :)

we had the day off together yesterday and oddly enough the weather was actually enjoyable until about noon yesterday. so, we went to mozarts for coffee and then downtown for lunch. we took macey and ate outside on the patio. it was a nice day off-later we visited the apt pool and it was practically deserted so we felt free to act like children and play in the pool.
i love having weekdays off of work :)

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