Monday, September 15, 2008

the weather is suddenly fantastic. i woke up this morning and it was cool and windy and it's pretty much stayed that way all day. the weather people are calling it a "cold front" know it's texas when a high of 86 qualifies as a "cold front" but whatever-i enjoy it. it's only supposed to last a few days though and then slowly creep back up into the 90s.

for months now i've been wanting to move and live somewhere new. someplace where the seasons change and i can wear a jacket in september and where a high of 86 is considered a heat wave. it seems we are stuck in texas for at least 2 more years..that sounds like a really long time to me right now. i'm just ready for something new i think.

i bought a crock pot over the weekend. i am officially a wife now i suppose. it is quickly becoming my new favorite thing. gregg has decided that when making something in the crock pot, we must refer to it as "crock-potting". i am crock-potting right now.

and now a random video for your enjoyment:

below is a video of gregg playing bop-it last christmas. i think the look on my face while watching him is pretty well as the death glare he gives the camera when he loses..he played ALOT of bop-it over christmas..

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