Monday, August 17, 2015

some things...

i have some things i feel like complaining about and this seems like a good place to do it.

-crocs. okay, my kids have crocs because they are practical for kids during the summer and i got them for free and really cheap. so, i'm not 100% anti croc. i would even wear the slip on ballet flat style if i could find those for free or really cheap. here's my beef when it comes to crocs, SOCKS. for the love people. if you are going to put your kid, or yourself for that matter, in a pair of shoes that's basic selling point is breathability and ease of being washed off, why why why! would you put socks on with them. stop ruining your children. if you've got crocs, then it's no socks. easy to remember.

-rompers. i don't want to let this go, i just don't. yes, so many people can pull these things off and technically look cute in them but WHY would you want to. a little girl in abbey's preschool class apparently wore one to school and i know this because abbey made the observation of the outfits biggest flaw when recalling happenings from her day to me. she said "my friend had to get all the way undressed today just to go potty." yep, that kid's mom put her in a romper. look, i'm all about the romper on my two year but not on my 33 year old mom bod. not even if i somehow managed to not have a mom bod, why would i want to get naked in the stall of a public restroom just to pee? can they really be that comfortable? because so are "yoga pants" and they don't require nudity to pee.

-THIS i don't even know how to deal with this. period underwear, aka, a reusable pad. isn't that actually putting us back a few decades? i get the environmental awareness thing but come on. when it comes to dealing with an already unpleasant part of life, let's not make it more disgusting. if you are really that concerned about the trees there are other options out there. i can't, just no.

-also, Blue Bell ice cream is making is way back out in the world. but that's not a complaint, just more of a critically important piece of information that needs to be shared via every avenue.

-abbey starts kindergarten in SIX days. six. i know quite a few moms in the same boat as me right now, awaiting to send their eldest kid off to public/private/some form of not at home school this month. i keep seeing lots of comments about how they can't believe the time has come and about the fighting of tears. i am still waiting for those feelings and thus have been experiencing mostly feelings of concern over why i am such a bad mom. where are my tears?? maybe they will come monday. yes, in some ways, it's shocking that we are at this point with her but in SO many other ways it's so obvious that she is ready and in need for something more than she is getting at home with me everyday. i guess maybe that's making it easier for me to believe the time has come? because she is so obviously over being at home full time. however, tucker and eisley are going to take it pretty hard.

the end.

for now.

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