Wednesday, April 8, 2015


i restarted whole 30 again 10 days ago. it seems much easier this time. the first time it was really rough for me figuring out new meals and what i can eat. this time, i already know and i've kept up a lot of those eating habits from my first attempt, including eating non-carby breakfast which is pretty amazing if i do say so myself. however, i am craving sweets and chocolate MUCH more than i did last time. my meals have been pretty lack-luster though so i need to work on that.

which brings me to...i really don't like vegetables. i just don't. unless they are cooked in something, i am mostly not interested. i force feed myself carrot sticks, roasted zucchini and green beans pretty regularly. one thing i do LOVE is roasted okra. i could eat that every single day..and salads. but, ugh. vegetables.

gregg and i did the Color me Rad 5k a couple weeks ago and it was actually really fun. just days before i had decided i was done trying to get into running. i was calling it quits but then i enjoyed that 5k so much (and actually ran the whole thing without feeling like i was dying) that i'm sorta wanting to sign up for another. i realized that i am not good at pacing myself and try to go much faster than i am actually capable right now and burn out really early. running with gregg helped me keep a better pace and realize that i can actually go much further than i realized at a slower pace. i could care less about getting speedy, but i am curious to see if i can do longer distances eventually.
i'm in the back right
gregg over there in the middle
afterwards. we didn't get nearly as messy as i expected.

we also joined the YMCA again this week. the one closest to us is really, really small and basic but that means it is really cheap. they have a great pool, splash pad and playground offsite a little further away from us that will be awesome this summer. we got a family membership so gregg and i did a body pump class together monday and really enjoyed it.

eisley. oh eisley. she continues to be the cutest and most opinionated child. good grief. she kills us with both daily.

trader joes, i have no idea how i lived without you for so long. i am loving their salsa and i am not really a salsa person. it's soooo good with plantain chips and even makes carrot sticks bearable. i am also loving their dried apples and banana chips lately.

we have been spending A LOT of time at the beach lately. the weather is warm again and it's been just beautiful out. it's about a 8 minute drive from our house so it doesn't feel like a huge hassle to go and the kids seem to never get tired of it.

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