Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eisley, 18 months

this girl turned 18 months old on Christmas Eve. usually i feel like the months go by fast but i feel like the past few months have slowed down a little since we moved to florida. which helps make it a little more believable that she is on the downhill slide to turning two. a little.  part of me just wants to keep her a baby as long as possible but then, i'm so excited to see her personality come out more and more. everyday she learns something new and busts out a new word she has somehow picked up. she hasn't had a well check since turning one (but will get on that next month!) so i don't know her stats but i'd guess she's pretty average in size as she is wearing size 18-24 mth clothes.  anyway, here are some fun things about eisley for me to remember:

  • she loves her small security blanket and pacifier. she mostly only wants them for sleeping but they seem to calm her down when she's upset too.
  • she loves mickey and minni mouse
  • she is a dancer! she does this little shake from side to side with her bottom that is hilarious and so cute.
  • she is definitely a mommy's girl. she loves gregg and gets excited to see him but she definitely is stuck to my side all day. it can get a little frustrating at times but it's also pretty sweet too. before i had kids, i would always work in the childcare at church. the babies would always be so eager to get into their mom's arms when they came to pick them up and i remember wishing for that one day. i definitely got my wish. ha.
  • she loves her brother and sister and they love her. they are so good with her. she follows them around, laughing when they do and trying to keep up with them.
  • her new words right now are "outside!" "where's _____ " "minnis!". 
  • she really likes shoes :)
  • her bout of separation anxiety seems to have passed. it was really bad from about 7 months until 17 months. haha. a long time :) 
  • she FINALLY started walking at 17 months. good grief that girl. she seems much happier as a walker.
  • she LOVES to eat. she will eat anything we give her and out eats tucker everyday...and gives abbey some good competition. 

Eisley is the sweetest thing but she definitely is not our easy going child. she has a mind of her own and a temper to go with it! She is silly and loves to make her family laugh. she knows when she is being funny and definitely hams it up. She still doesn't love being in the car but she has gotten a little better...maybe?

i am so thankful for eisley mae.

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