Friday, September 26, 2014

oh, so, we moved.

lots of changes since i last posted. it's been a whirlwhind few months for us, so i will try to back it up a bit.

back in june, gregg started looking at job postings in jacksonville, florida. it was more just out of boredom and as a "maybe one day" sorta thing. moving to jacksonville (where gregg is from and where i lived briefly during our engagement) has always been in the back of our minds as a possibility. the lack of job opportunities and slight difference in pay in the nursing market (as in florida has always paid just a little less than texas), has kept it from being a real possibility. but, when he started casually checking out postings in june we were surprised by the opportunities and pay. i guess having several years of experience makes a difference because it was looking like we could actually afford to move if we wanted to. he sent an email to the human resources contact at a hospital just confirming pay grade and benefits details, but didn't think much of it after that. about a week later is when gregg got really sick and life just kinda came to a stand-still for a few weeks. during that time, he got a response from the HR contact that confirmed that we could actually make that move. we weren't sure what we wanted at that point. we started to pray about it even more.  i just kept asking God to open doors and present opportunities if it was part of His plan. a couple weeks later gregg got a call from a hiring manager in the neuro department of a hospital in downtown jacksonville, fast forward a week and he had done 2 video interviews and then got an offer. this whole time, we had agreed that if we felt God pushing us forward in this direction we would make the move. the pay and benefits from this offer were what we needed and the actual job was one gregg was pretty excited about. so, we we accepted and put our house on the market. it sold in 24 hours, so, as of 3 weeks ago, we now live in jacksonville florida.

sunset in our backyard the last night there

these two were amazing on our drive. seriously, SO good.
this child...not so much.

it wasn't an easy decision. in fact, just looking at these pictures of our house on the morning we left makes me ache a little. we left a really, really good thing in austin. we left a city that we love, family and friends that felt like family. i left this incredibly unique situation of literally being surrounded by friends with kids the same age as mine. but, at the same time, we truly felt we were making the right decision for our family. obviously, there is a lot of emotion that goes along with making a decision to move from a place that has been home for so long, so i really had to pull back from the emotion and look at the practical side of it all. i had to keep reminding myself that just because something is the good and right decision, doesn't mean that it won't be hard at times too.

i'm still reminding myself of that 3 weeks in.

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