Friday, September 26, 2014

conclusions on florida after 2.5 weeks

blue bell is over $7 for a half gallon here. SEVEN dollars. i'll need to be having some serious cravings to shell out that money.

apparently, it rains for at least 20 minutes every single day. usually no more and usually only in little pockets of town at a time.

country music may be more popular here than it is in texas.'s at least a tie.

people here are SO nice. like, SO nice. this is coming from a girl was born and raised in texas, the land of friendly...and it's noticeably more friendly here.

i never really thought of florida has having much to offer in beauty outside of the ocean, of course. (sorry florida) but, i'm starting to feel like i was wrong. the tall tall trees everyone and the lush, green landscape..and the clouds! i am sure gregg is so sick of me pointing out "pretty clouds" every single day, but seriously. they are so beautiful and puffy. oh, and there is water everywhere.

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