Wednesday, February 26, 2014

abbey lately

oh abbey, i am convinced she truly believes she is the 3rd parent in this house. she is SUCH a good big sister. sure, she fights with tucker and gets him in trouble at times. in general though she is patient, loving and looks out for him. she is always explaining things to him and he goes to her with questions almost as much as he does to gregg and i. if i'm busy and he feels needy, he asks abbey to hold him and she always does. if he is crying, she'll go track down his blanket and offer to hold him (unless of course she is the reason he is crying..). she loves him and it's obvious. she does try to discipline him from time to time too, which is pretty funny. the other day she told to him sit in a chair and watch her do a workout dvd with me but then assured him that " it's okay, you're not in trouble. you're not in time out, i just want you to watch me."

 she also takes her role as a big sister to eisley VERY seriously. if eisley is playing and starts to get fussy, abbey immediately runs to her and tries to entertain her. she talks to her in that baby talk voice adults so often use, "oh, eisley, you don't have any toys! let's get you some toys!" and so on. she picks her up when she falls over, she pulls her around the backyard in the wagon over and over again and just generally adores her. she tells me so often that "we should have had this baby all along instead of keeping her in your belly so long" ha.

she has the crazy, out of control, fine curly hair that never stays in any ponytail or clip i put in. she pushes her cute purple glasses up on top of her head when she is tired. she talks A LOT. she has started to appreciate hugs more often. she sleeps with her strawberry shortcake and ladybug girl book under her pillow and reads them every night after i leave her room and before she lays down. she talks about God more frequently lately. the other week i heard her explaining to tucker how God lives in us, and that we can't see him but that's okay because we can feel him. yesterday she lied to me and gregg about something and when i disciplined her for it i told her that the Bible says lying is a sin and that we don't want to sin because that makes us far from God and we want to be near him always. the next day she came and asked me why we don't want to be far from God and today i heard her explaining it all to tucker again.

she is growing up so much. she is understanding more, have more in depth conversations, asking hard questions and stealing my heart a little more everyday. i love her so much it hurts.

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