Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a good weekend

we have had some insanely nice weather lately and i have been loving it. i feel like we don't usually get much of a spring before summer takes over so if it wants to show up in spurts in february i'm all for it.

this past weekend was just a really good, simple weekend. we aren't busy people so we rarely have hectic, planned filled weekends but they still tend to be more draining than relaxing. i think it's because we end up spending most of our time at home and after awhile the kids just do not handle that well and it brings us all down. but something was different about this weekend (probably insanely good weather) and it was just good being at home. we spent all day saturday outside, grilled out and even had dinner outside. it was one of those nights where the pile of dirty dishes in the sink felt so worth it. gregg ended the night for our kids by turning on pandora and the deck lights and having a "dance party". they loved it-even eisley. once they were in bed, a friend came over to hang out while they slept and gregg and i went to hang out with some new friends. it was fun to spend time getting to know new people without our kids along. it doesn't happen often that we get to go out, much less go out and be around other people!

sometimes, you just need a really good weekend and i'm thankful we had one.

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