Tuesday, December 31, 2013

abbey turns four

i haven't been the best with keeping up with blogging lately but i'm stuck in bed recovering from what i believe is a stomach bug, so i thought i'd take the time to catch up a little now.

back in november, tucker and abbey both had birthdays. i wrote about tucker's but have yet to write about abbey's.

abbey turned FOUR november 30th. that's like a big kid age isn't? she thinks it is anyway. over the last few months we have seen a shift abbey and her becoming more of a little girl. i am convinced she things she is a grown up. this is cute but also frustrating. our biggest challenge with her right now is reminding her that she is still a little girl and needs to follow our instructions and rules. she doesn't always accept this so it's a daily process that can be a little exhausting. otherwise though, she is at a really fun age. she is so creative and still loves to draw and do crafts more than anything else. she makes up songs and pretty much sings her way through the day everyday. she still loves to have friends over and go to their houses. she tries to mother tucker and eisley pretty regularly. the other day we were all in the living room and i told her i needed to run to the restroom and she informed me that she would watch "the kids" for me until i got back. when eisley is fussing she hunts down her pacifier and brings it to her. she LOVES to help bake/cook with one of us. loves it. she is still pretty sensitive and emotional, something i don't think will likely change.

everyday she gets a little more grown up. sometimes it is easy to think she is older than she and we forget that she is only four, until she has a four year old meltdown to remind us :) i can't believe we have been paretns for four years and i am so thankful for this sweet, fun, energetic and creative little girl that God gave us four years ago that forever changed our lives.

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