Thursday, May 30, 2013

things abbey says

a few weeks ago when i was painting abbey's nails, she looked down at her legs and said "wow, there is hair on my legs. i'm turning into a daddy!"

every now and then she will say that her leg or foot is "sparkling" and i've figured out that it means it has fallen asleep.

yesterday i told her that i wish i had somewhere to go swimming, to which she replied "well, we just have to get you a big swimsuit so you can go to the really big pool." awesome. (note, i am currently 8.5 mths pregnant so, really, i see her point...)

after using the potty a few days ago she looked into the toilet and said "my poop looks like a hammer. i have tools in my belly!"

last month we were at my parent's house for a few days and my dad was trying to make abbey watch the t.v. show Lassie instead of the cartoon she requested. after about 5 mins she looked up and said "you know what campy (that is what they call my dad), i think i'm too little for this show! i think this show is for big kids." clever.

i walked into her room last week and was looking at her class picture from her preschool class this year. she looked up and said "mommy, i was just thinking how i wish these friends were real and they were all really in here now." she just loves people.

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