Wednesday, May 8, 2013

somehow, i am 8 months pregnant with only 7 weeks to go. the one benefit to having repeat c-sections is knowing when the end will come. June 24th is our day. cannot get here soon enough.

up until about 2 weeks ago i really felt like i wasn't in a hurry for this pregnancy to end. usually i start counting down the weeks from the minute i find out i'm pregnant but this time i just haven't had time to put much thought into it. but now,

this pregnancy has been identical to abbey's from the get go. when i was pregnant with tucker i remember thinking that maybe i was just being over dramatic in the last month or so of abbey's pregnancy when i complained about not being able to sleep or breath well. unfortunately, i am finding out that i was not being over dramatic. sad face. i am just not sleeping much these days. not because i am not exhausted but because it is hard to be comfortable (especially in our ever shrinking full size bed..) and because i just feel too alert and unable to settle down. this baby his super high which means breathing feels like work and i pretty much always have indigestion. all of these things were my biggest complaints with abbey but weren't even an issue with tucker. dang girls. all that to say, i've really had it easy up until now and for that i am thankful.

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