Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Abbey Lately

Abbey will be 3.5 at end of this month and I feel like it has been awhile since I've made a note of what she is up to and into these days.

This girl. I don't even know where to start. She is more and more grown up everyday. Not only in the way she acts and talks but also literally-she will not slow down on the growing! I can't keep her in clothes that fit and she is now wearing at 5t or a small in the big girl section :( All of her clothes that she got for her birthday back in November no longer fit her at all and she is outgrowing all shoes on what seems like a weekly basis. What's not growing? That would be her hair :) Hopefully year 4 will be the year of hair growth for our girl.

She is really into princess stuff (still not my favorite but I've stopped fighting it as much) and tells us pretty much everyday that pink and purple are her favorite colors.

She spends a great chunk of her days coloring, drawing or putting puzzles together at the kitchen table. She drew her first "family portrait" a couple weeks ago completely unprompted and I was impressed that she made the figures proportionate (which gregg being the tallest and tucker the smallest).

She loves Tucker and is trying to be motherly with him these days. They still fight and she can still be a little rough with him at times, but overall I feel like she is moving more into a mode of taking care of him. When she hears him wake up she likes to run into his room and turn the lamp on and his fan off and she will usually say "good morning little boy! i'm so happy to see you." If I am too slow to get in there she will go grab toys to dump into his crib to help occupy him. As soon as he starts to cry for any reason she will run and grab his blanket for him because she knows he always wants it if he is upset.

She does a lot of pretend play these days and still loves being around friends. She is the opposite of a shy except for when she decides she wants to be shy and she usually informs us beforehand that she is going to be shy in certain situations. She scares super easily and is really sensitive to anything that seems sad. It is hard to find shows for her to watch that don't have some element of scary or sad in them but she truly gets upset so easily that I try to be very careful about what she watches. she has no use for pants. as soon as she wakes up in the  morning or comes home she takes her pants off. at some point we will have to stop this but for now it is pretty hilarious. She is fun, smart, funny, clever, loving and independent. She definitely challenges us at times but overall she is really a sweet girl.

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