Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hand made gifts

back in January, Gregg's parents came to visit and brought a special present for the kids. their nana took an old bookshelf and turned it into a doll house, personalized just for them. it is adorable and i have been meaning to blog about it for months, so here it is!

upstairs: kids bedroom & bathroom, downstairs: living room and kitchen

she made furniture for the house and decorated the walls with scrapbook paper. here is abbey and tucker's room :)

the pictures on the living room wall are my favorite. so cute and thoughtful.

the kids love this house. even tucker is constantly trying to climb inside it :)

during their visit last month nana brought these family magnets that she made. again, adorable and thoughtful. she took pictures of all the family members and printed them on magnetic paper and then cut them out. abbey plays with them on her magnetic chalkboard in the playroom. she especially loves the ones of herself :)

(p.s. this board is a successful pinterest project: oil drip pan from the auto store, spray painted with chalkboard paint!)

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