Sunday, May 6, 2012

this week

i always have a difficult time remembering what we did yesterday much less a whole week past but instagram has come to my rescue and solved that problem. it finally became available for android and since we have a galaxy music player that runs off our wifi at home i can take advantage of it. hooray!

but first a sleeping update because i know you all are so interested. sleep training has been rough but it has definitely (knock on wood!) proven helpful for us. as i mentioned before, we had fallen into a bad habit of letting tucker sleep in his swing at night and we set out to break that habit this past week and half. wednesday marked one week of the dreaded sleep training. it took about a week before we saw any real progress and it got pretty rough before it got better. monday night he literally woke up every hour, on the hour and cried for 20 minutes. literally. i wish i were exaggerating. tuesday night he cried for 30 mins when we initially laid him down and then slept 8.5 hrs. every night since then he has cried from 15-30 mins when first going to sleep and then slept 8.5 to 10 hours. i am looking forward to the day when the crying goes away but i think it will be awhile before that happens. i am just hoping and praying that he continues to do well. i'm not super concerned about him sleeping all night long but more so about him learning to go to sleep without assistance.

alright, now on to this week in pictures

running errands with just abbey

artwork going up

summer is here. mixed feelings about the season but not about this cuteness.

homemade popsicles

neighborhood walks

yay 8.5 hrs!

new reading "tent"

1st time swinging

playtime at our place

cereal-not so much

no nap will get you this. sadly this was on the way to her mother's day out program so she wasn't quite in performance mode when we got there

oh yeah, we have drums now. no one here plays drums..yet.

practicing sitting up

blurry sibs
walking to the playground

all ready for her performance

and thank you instagram for making my week seem more interesting than i thought it was.

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