Tuesday, May 22, 2012

6 months so soon!

tucker turned 6 months old on the 17th. i feel like the time is going by faster than it did with abbey but i think that's mostly because i'm less focused on it. we have his 6 month appt tomorrow so i'm not sure about his weight and height but my guess would be 17-18lbs and 26.5 ish inches. **edit-his actual stats are 17.5 lbs and 25.5 inches! that is 50% for weight and TENTH for height. i find this especially funny since abbey was always 90-95% for everything. sweet little chubby thing :) **

tucker is like this squishy, happy, smiling machine. he is so smiley! seriously, he just looks around grinning at everyone and everything. gregg made the remark that he has a hard time closing his mouth and i'd have to agree :)

he continues to be so different from his older sister in nearly every way. he is much more sensitive to his environment and if you catch him when he just wakes up or is super sleepy-just a glance from a face he doesn't recognize sends that bottom lip out and starts the wailing. however, if he is well rested and fed he is all smiles with everyone. he seems to be shaping up to be a momma's boy!

he has gotten more interested in his toys and especially likes sitting in the bumbo or exercauser.

he is happiest with his blanket in his mouth. he carries it around in there like a little puppy dog. it's adorable and hilarious.

he can pretty much sit up on his own but i don't trust him not to fall over just yet. he gets excited and starts kicking his little chubby legs and topples right over. i'm hoping he masters sitting this month-he is SO close.

he lights up and starts kicking his legs and waving his arms whenever abbey comes into his sight and whenever he sees us come to get him out of his crib. he is sleeping from about 8pm to 6:30am most days; however, we lay him down at 7:30p and he STILL cries for about 30 minutes every.single.night. i can't stand this but i'm at a loss as to what to do. rocking him doesn't work because he will not stay asleep even if i manage to get him to fall asleep-so crying it is i suppose. i will admit that most of his naps are in that dang swing still. i'm thinking once i get him used to napping in his crib it will help with the crying at bedtime. i'm just trying to limit the amount of crying we both have to endure right now-napping in the crib = crying for 20 minutes to nap for 45.

i have tried baby food with him and he seems kind of indifferent about it. he will eat it some but isn't super interested. i'm not really in a huge rush to make it a part of our routine just yet.

he is the sweetest baby. i just love him so much.

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