Thursday, March 8, 2012

no time, there's never any time!

yes, that title is a quote from this episode of television genius..

today i was sorting through the kid's clothes in hopes of finding some things to take to a consignment shop. i pulled quite a few of abbey's spring/summer clothes from last year and even some of tucker's newborn stuff that he's outgrown. when i was sorting through his clothes, looking back at the things he's outgrown, i had a flashback to doing the same thing with abbey. only when i was putting abbey's newborn clothes away two years ago i was SO sad about it. i will admit i actually cried (granted she outgrew her newborn stuff at 6 weeks and i was probably still slightly hormonal at that point!). i realized i haven't really even taken the time to think about tucker growing so much already and how fast the past 3.5 months have gone by. with abbey it was all i thought about-i was so sad at the idea of her growing up. this time around i just don't have the time to obsess about it and i know that things really do just keep getting more and more fun the older they get.

newborn abbey :)
when it was just abbey and me all day long i had it good and i knew i had it good. she was a good baby and would entertain herself so easily. she napped great and went to bed at 7, leaving me all kinds of time to get things done. don't get me wrong, the days were still long at times and i often missed my alone time, but once i got over the shock of becoming a parent things weren't that hard for the most part.

but now. now i really don't have time when i say i don't have time. i am writing this while gregg has the kids out of the house. i have no idea where they went but he took them both out when he got home and i am so grateful for the rare hour or two home completely alone. when tucker is sleeping, abbey is usually awake and when abbey is awake, tucker is usually asleep. when they both go to bed at night (abbey at 8pm and tucker at 9pm) i go straight to bed too because i know on most nights i will be up again at 1am and then at 5am. i feel like i am always creating this running list of things i want and need to get done in my head but never actually accomplishing anything that isn't 100% necessary for our survival. i daydream about a whole weekend home alone so i can CLEAN. clean people. not sleep, read, craft or relax but CLEAN. okay, maybe i'd have breakfast and coffee at my leisure but then i'd get to cleaning.

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