Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Abbey is really into saying that she loves things or that things are her best friend. Example: a couple of days ago she hugged her cucumber slice and said "this is my best friend" and this morning on the way to mother's day out she hugged her book and said the same thing. Yesterday morning we spent some time at Zilker Park riding the train and playing with her friends Vera and Emrie. As we were leaving I asked her if she had fun playing with her friends and she said "i had fun with vera and emrie, i LOVE them!" it was pretty cute.

She has also started saying thank you for things without being prompted. Yesterday Gregg came home from work with tortilla chips, guacamole, raspberry lemonaide and a yellow balloon. He set everything up on the balcony and told Abbey they were going to have a snack party. A few minutes into snacking she looked up and said "thank you for my snack party daddy." Good grief.

These moments of sweetness are so reassuring admist the moments of two-ness :)

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