Friday, February 24, 2012

one of those days

it's been one of those mornings. i am not even sure why because i got NINE straight hours of sleep last night. i should be rested and ready for life but i'm not.

tucker seems to be dealing with a cold for the past day or so. he has still been a pretty good baby but he has been a little more demanding and needy because of it. and abbey, well abbey is two. a good two year old but two nonetheless. gregg has worked 4, 12 hour shifts this week and i have gotten spoiled to his 8 hour days so not him home at 3pm is making the week and days seem longer.

today is friday and on friday mornings we go to mom's group. i am finding going anywhere for a solid block of time to be exhausting these days. we usually get home right around 11:30-12. without fail, every time we get home abbey is begging for "something to eat!!" and tucker wakes up screaming in his car seat 5 mins after i put him down. so i'm rushing around the kitchen trying to get abbey a lunch thrown together while tucker is screaming his face off from the carrier. i finally get her food ready and put it down on her table, rush to get a bottle ready for tucker and sit down to feed him when i hear "milk? milk please?" some days i get tired of being constantly needed. i get tired of making bottles, washing bottles, filling sippy cups and cutting up food. i get tired of changing diapers and pacing around the house holding a baby that would cry if i put him down for 2 seconds. i get tired of eating whatever i can find that is able to be prepared and eaten with one hand. i just get tired.

so, i'm thankful it's friday. i have a friend coming into town to stay the night that i'm excited to see. we have a sitter for the kids tomorrow morning so we can go look at houses (yes-to buy!!) and hopefully a chill afternoon where we can all catch up on rest from a busy week. because i don't like when i get tired. it makes a little harder to enjoy my time with these two

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