Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the good stuff

let's face it, i tend to be a bit of negative nancy. i like to think that it's just that i don't shy away from being honest about the hard stuff but i also think that i tend to not spend enough time talking about the good stuff too. so, when i stumbled upon this blog link up i thought i should join.

gregg unexpectedly had the day off today. a monday off is a welcomed thing. we got up this morning and decided to jump on the rare weekday off together and have a fun morning. we got up and out of the house by 9am (no small feet!) and were headed downtown for breakfast and a trip to the children's museum.

we had been to jo's for breakfast once before and re-decided monday morning that we should go much more often! their portions are plenty to share and the prices are fair, plus the location is just fun. abbey entertained herself by playing on the galaxy and shoving fork fulls of eggs into her mouth. that girl can eat.

after that we walked the half of a block to the children's museum. i really should start taking abbey more often on monday mornings. it always seems like such a hassle in my head with it being downtown but it's really not that bad. after abbey exhausted herself playing we headed home for lunch + naps. all in all, a good monday.

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