Monday, December 5, 2011

happier things

moving on from that rambling, downer post from friday...

we bought and decorated our Christmas tree over the weekend :) this is the first year of our marriage that we have not had a real tree. we really wanted a smaller tree since our current place is kind of tight on space and when we couldn't find a real tree that was small enough we decided to just do an artificial one. i miss the smell of a real tree but it is nice that we will have this every year and it's pretty cute.

as suspected, abbey LOVED the whole process of picking out a christmas tree (or "christmas treat" as she would say) and decorating it. unfortunately, she loves un-decorating it just as much :) at first, i was really fighting her on the un-decorating but eventually i decided to just let it go. i want christmas to be fun for her and none of the ornaments on our tree this year are sentimental or breakable. thus, she spends her days pulling them off and trying to put them back on.

so far, we just have the tree but i'm hoping to decorate our living room window later this week when my mom is here to help handle the kids. that window is just asking to be decorated! i am also hoping to be able to do some christmas baking for a few friends and abbey's teachers. i am starting to feel like december is slipping away and i don't want to let it get away from me.

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Leah said...

So far we've broken 2 ornaments - both which I was convinced were not breakable. :( Oh well!