Friday, December 2, 2011

full disclosure

i am tired. the wave of exhaustion has hit me full force today.

tucker was up more frequently last night than he has been for the past 2 weeks and all the broken sleep is catching up with me. i have felt dizzy and lightheaded for the last few days which i am assuming is from lack of sleep because i have purposefully been eating more in an effort to make it go away. eating isn't helping it so exhaustion has to be the cause.

i went to mom's group this morning and as much as it was nice to see people outside of my apartment, i think it was too much for today. the process of getting us there and back exhausted me even more and i'm super sore this afternoon. i had full out cry session when i couldn't get tucker to nap while abbey was napping. fortunately, he finally did and i got about 30 mins of sleep until it was time to get him ready for his doctor's appt and i heard abbey calling from her room.

i am brewing my 2nd pot of coffee right now- not that it's likely that i'll be able to get through 1 entire cup but i'm going to make the effort. "christmas barney" has been on repeat for the last 3 days to entertain a certain 2 year old.

i'm a mess today and i'm not sure i will be any more together tomorrow BUT tomorrow is saturday, praise God. gregg will be home and we will hopefully pick out and decorate a christmas tree. tucker will hopefully sleep more soundly tonight and we have a yummy veggie lasagna waiting for us that a friend dropped off for dinner.

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Leah said...

I appreciate your honesty! the place I get my nails done is a hole in the wall place called "NAILS." It's located at Spicewood Springs and 183 in the same shopping center as big lots. Trust me, when you walk in you'll be like, "what?" But NORMALLY they do a good job - if you don't get the lady I had last Sun.