Tuesday, November 8, 2011

typical evening

a typical evening around here involves gregg playing guitar while abbey dances around and sings. i don't know if her interest in music is typical for a 2 year old but that girl LOVES music. she will sit on gregg's lap for so long just watching concerts online and tries to sing along to every song she hears. plus, she's got some awesome dancing skills :)

i cannot believe she will be two years old in a few weeks or that she will have a little brother next week. i think back to last year at this time and i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have predicted that we'd have a 2nd child by her 2nd birthday-but we tend to make quick decisions. for this next week i am going to try so very hard to not focus on the nausea that sets in every morning within 20 mins of waking up or the other discomforts the last few weeks of pregnancy bring but instead to focus on enjoying the last week as a mom to just our sweet girl. her days of undivided attention are coming to an end but i want to take advantage of the time we have left before adjusting to our new life gets here.

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