Wednesday, November 9, 2011

38 weeks and some cartoon ranting

we usually spend some time watching PBS cartoons in the mornings. typically it's the end of sesame street (specifically elmo) and curious george. having now watched curious george as an adult i can't help but wonder why the adults in george's life keep giving him important tasks that he is sure to confuse and mess up? why man in the yellow hat? why do you trust your monkey to go grocery shopping or help with your research?

i guess all the time i've spent pondering this explains why i had a dream about curious george last week. yes, a full out dream which involved me taking little george on a shopping trip. in my dream i specifically remember being adamant about not leaving him alone because OBVIOUSLY monkeys left alone lead to trouble.

and why i'm rambling about cartoons, does anyone else wonder who exactly mr. noodle is on elmo's world and why is he so unfortunate? and why does my child love him so much.

anyway, in real life news i am 38 weeks pregnant today. woo-hoo! at my doctor's appointment yesterday i learned that there is absolutely no signs of labor going on. zero. none. i had more going on with abbey at this point. thankfully, it doesn't really matter this time because in c-section world i have a definite end date and that date is SEVEN days away. 7. holy cow.


Leah said...

I am with you on Mr. Noodle. And seriously, why do they ask him all the questions when they obviously already knows the answer and he obviously has no clue. Seven days, crazy!

Leah said...

*know the answer. :)

Kathy Ormont said...

get ready girl! 7 days are going to fly by! FLY BY! can't wait to see pics of that baby boy!! See ya soon Tucker.