Sunday, October 2, 2011

picture-less post

things have been a little hectic around here the past couple of weeks. 

we moved to a new place on the opposite side of town to be closer to gregg's work. at first i was pretty bummed about leaving the area we have always lived in but now i'm pretty excited about living in a different part of town. our friends are still in the same city and it's kind of fun finding new "usual" places. plus, now we are really more central (for the most part) so it makes getting to all the different places in town a little easier. i was hoping to have some pictures of abbey's (soon to be "the kid's") room to share but so far not much as been put on the walls. eventually we'll get there. 

gregg and i spent this weekend in a cute little rental house downtown. it was a fun place to stay and was within walking distance to the shops and restaurants on south congress. we had a great time eating way too much, watching mindless cable t.v., wandering around downtown and just spending some lazy time together. it has been way too long since we've had anytime sans child. from what i understand, abbey has had herself a fun weekend too. i'm going to pick her up from my parent's house tomorrow. i have LOVED our weekend together but i can't wait to see my sweet girl. i would also love to be able to show you pictures of our weekend but alas my camera batteries died as soon as i turned it on friday afternoon. so i've got nothing to show for our weekend.

in other news, i'm now 8 months pregnant and just 6 weeks and 3 days from my scheduled c-section. as much as the pregnancy as flown by i still cannot wait to say goodbye to it and hello to tucker. i feel like this baby is crazy long. he's way way lower than abbey ever got (even after 20 something hours of labor-hence the c-section) but still way in my ribs. my belly still starts right between boobs so i have the same complaints as last time but i also have this constant pressure lower that i never experienced with abbey. also, when he moves it feels like i'm being punched from the inside. it's pretty awesome :) i would love to have a picture of my 32.5 week belly to share with you but alas pregnancy face has struck me full force and my vanity has kept me from getting a picture i'm willing to share. maybe i'll try again tomorrow.

i'll work on putting together a more interesting-at least visually interesting-post next time.

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