Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i LOVE cream cheese frosting. i pretty much think it's the best frosting to use for any cake, cookie or cupcake.

this week i discovered something i may love MORE than cream cheese frosting.

that would be LEMON cream cheese frosting.

oh my my.

i made some lemon blueberry cupcakes for a friend who just had a baby to take to her along with dinner. the cupcakes were just okay in my opinion. maybe i did something wrong but it seemed like they couldn't figure out if they wanted to be muffins or cupcakes and the lemon flavor was pretty weak.

but that frosting. holy cow i could eat by the spoonful (as if i haven't been eating the leftover stuff by the spoonful all week..) i highly recommend trying it. maybe next time i will do an orange cream cheese frosting...ohh..on chocolate cupcakes. yep. definitely.


gm said...

i do not like. :(

lemon and pumpkin are not so much my favorite.

Kathy Ormont said...

oh my my! lol. love it. it all sounds yummy. I can't belive pumpkin is not a favorite of your husband. maybe he hasn't had pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.!!! ;o)