Tuesday, October 11, 2011

nap time activity

i had this old black, glass-less picture frame and decided to turn into something to use to organize all of abbey's hair clips. i just cut strips of fabric and wrapped the frame with them, glued some ribbon down the center to clip things onto and added a couple of fabric rosettes i had laying around. and maybe one day she will have enough to hair to actually all the clips i will be putting on it :)

i have had this silver cuff bracelet for awhile. i'm not really sure where it came from but it wasn't really my style. i got the idea to try to change into something i'd like more. i ended up wrapping it with fabric, then wrapping the center section with some yarn, then more fabric and then gluing a yellow ribbon rosette in the center. i think it's pretty cute even if it looks a little "crafty".

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