Friday, August 5, 2011


this week has been unusually busy. and "busy" for me is not even "busy" in the way most normal people define the word. it really just means i've had a least 1 thing everyday that i've had to plan my day around. i prefer 1-2 days a week to be like this, otherwise, i end up feeling exhausted and irritated-much like i do today. abbey's also been waking up ridiculously early this week so i'm sure that plays into the exhaustion too.

this morning it caught up to me. we got up, ate breakfast, dressed and headed to my weekly mom's group meeting. i then made a quick trip the grocery store for essentials (like ice cream), made the frustrating trip upstairs with 2 gallons of milk + 4 bags+purse+30lb toddler, fed abbey and then put her down for an early nap. i then proceeded to put my pjs back on and eat ice cream for lunch.

i really need to start eating complete and real meals again. it's just hard. nothing sounds good. maybe it's the heat or the pregnancy but i just feel completely incapable of putting together a meal. unfortunately, i think my lack of real food is starting to catch up with me in the energy department. i'd like to outsource meal planning and preparing to someone. perhaps my husband :) after a week of eating cereal and wheat thins for dinner he may be willing to take it on.

that's all i got. i'm off to sit on the couch for next 45 mins until abbey wakes up.

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