Friday, July 1, 2011

my parents have abbey for the weekend and i've had the day to myself while gregg worked. so far i have made use of my free time by having my coffee (and actually drinking it while it was still hot) and breakfast while doing some reading, went to my mom's group and then came home to laundry and cleaning.

now, i'm back to racking my brain for a middle name for our child to be. here is the list we have going so far:

tucker grey
tucker piece
tucker brooks
tucker andrew (gregg's middle name)
tucker eli

we need HELP!

there isn't one combination that stands out to me more than the others. i don't like things up in the air and really want a decision to be made. will someone please pick a name for us??


Nellie said...

I like Tucker Andrew simply because of the family name connection to Gregg. You could always do Tucker Taylor to continue your line! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the name Tucker??

hope said...

i like tucker grey/andrew/brooks:) i know that didn't really pick one...but it narrowed it down right?!?