Thursday, June 30, 2011

boy oh boy

i was so right :)

we will be having a little tucker (middle name tbd) mallinson joining us somewhere around november 17th! if i would have been told the baby was a girl i would have seriously questioned the person telling me. its just been a boy in my head all along for some reason.

we actually found out a week ago today. we flew into florida last thursday afternoon, stopped for lunch and then headed straight to the hospital gregg's sister works at for her to do an ultrasound for us. it was immediately obvious that the baby in there was a boy. no doubt. i was not in anyway surprised but was happy to see him doing well in there :)

we've had his first name picked out for quite some time but are still kicking around middle name options. hopefully we will settle on something soon. i was hoping to have an ultrasound picture to add to the blog but i don't so one of me at 19 weeks will have to do i suppose....

i am seriously so much bigger at this point than i was last time. i wasn't looking this pregnant until at least 24 weeks-probably more like 26 weeks-with abbey. i also feel like this baby may be lower than abbey was which is fine with me. pregnancy symptoms come a lot sooner with 2nd pregnancies apparently because i'm already starting to get some of the annoying preg side effects but all in all, i feel pretty good.

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