Friday, May 13, 2011

rainy day

yesterday was a rainy day-a rainy day at last. it stormed most of the morning and then cleared up in the afternoon. we pretty much spent the entire day inside with the exception of a short walk before dinner. abbey pretty much ran around dressed like this all day yesterday

then i made her get dressed and take this picture for her cousin's 1st birthday. she obliged.  i spent most of the day attempting to be crafty. i made lots of flowers for headbands (including the one abbey is wearing below) and some wall hangings for her room.

i stole the idea of the picture holder ones from here. it was super easy and pretty cute.

above are the ones i put in abbey's room. she's pretty excited to have a picture of macey in her room. she stands there looking at it and saying "macey" quite a bit. i love to hear her say macey-it's too cute.

and below are a cute pair of sandals i found on clearance for $3 for abbey at target. because every 17 mth old needs gladiator sandals with a zip-up heel-right?

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gm said...

dude those sandals are awesome! abbey & her mommy are the cutest.