Tuesday, May 10, 2011

gregg was looking at some pictures of me from about 9 years ago when i was in my cousin's wedding. after looking at them he declared that i "age well". i don't even know how to take that. i'm not even 30 yet-can't say i've thought much about how i'm "aging". ha.

i made these brownies today. while they came out tasty, i will share some do's and don'ts from my experience.

- do not get impatient waiting for your only 9x9 inch pan to get done in the dishwasher and decide to bake these in a pie pan. it is not a good decision.

- do make a pot of coffee while making these

- do not drink said coffee until brownies are completely assembled. (i will explain)

- do not eat any of the caramels. you will need them all for the filling. trust me.

- do scrap the remaining caramel sauce (after pouring as much as you can onto the brownies of course) from the bowl and stir it into your freshly brewed coffee. ohmygosh it's so good.

-don't cut these things until they have had at least 2 hours to cool in the fridge. more time in the fridge would probably be good.

- do make these...but just do it in the right shaped and sized pan. please.

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gm said...

you were a hottie, and you look the same today as you did back then. i'm a lucky guy.