Tuesday, March 1, 2011

blog status

well friends (if any of you are still around) i am kind of stuck with the whole blogging privacy issue. i really don't want to restrict the blog to invite only because that's just annoying. plus, i like that new friends can read about are oh so thrilling life without having to sign up to do so :)

i had planned to try to move and restart at a new site but turns out i'm not so crazy about the other blog site options (the free ones anyway) so here we are again. if you have a suggestion for a good, free blog host i'd like to hear it. or if you know how mark certain post as "private" or "restricted" in blogger i'd also love to hear that :)

alright, the excitement that is this blog has returned.


gm said...

hooray! it's my favorite blog for sure. :)

Carey said...

i'm still here and i like reading your blog! :)

Nellie said...

Well, I'm excited that you are back. I had missed reading about your family!