Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 doors at last!

we are officially drivers of a 4 door vehicle. success at last :)

we were able to trade in our VW Beetle for a Chevy HHR. i think it's really funny that both times we have gone to buy cars since being married we have ended up with vehicles that people typically have a taste for before buying and yet we really had no real feelings towards either car's design. both times we went with what we could find to meet our needs in our price range. i'm happy with the hhr-not so much because of how it looks but because of the space it offers for a car and for it's great price. you would not believe the excitement i felt yesterday evening when i put our stroller in the back of our new car. it had room to slide around!!

i also think it's really funny that gregg and i were looking at things such as how well 3 car seats fit in the backseats of cars and how easily we could fit a double stroller in the trunk. oh how life has changed our priorities :)

i will post pictures soon of our new baby whale looking car.

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