Tuesday, February 1, 2011

abbey is 14 months old already. i want to make time stop now please. i have really really been enjoying my days with her here lately.  more so than normal.

she is just so fun. i feel like she is bonding with me more and more lately and i love that. i think it helps that i feel like our ability to communicate with her is growing everyday. she's not saying a ton of words but she has a handful that she says often, her most favorite is "shoes". this girl LOVES shoes. she will wake up in the morning and the first thing out of her mouth once i turn on her bedroom light is "Shoes! shoes!" as soon as she sees them sitting on her dresser. she also calls socks "shoes" as well and i can see her logic in that :) a few days ago she added "apple" to her vocabulary and she also says dog, no-no,bye-bye,hi (over and over again), mama, daddy,ball, uh-oh and...i think that's about it. she knows what i'm talking about though and can pick out pretty much any toy i ask her too but i just can't get her to say the words. she loves music and will start dancing (the abbey version of dancing looks a lot like squatting) when ever she hears it. she doesn't know a stranger. i feel like she thinks she's in a parade as i push her through the aisles at target-she waves and says hi to everyone sees. not really sure what her size is these days-last time i weighed her is about 25lbs and i'd guess she's somewhere around 32-32.5 inches tall by now. all i know is she isn't the lightest thing to have on your hip.

i love her. i'm so thankful for her.

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