Friday, January 28, 2011

inspired beauty

Day 3: Inspired Beauty

I have been fortunate to have wonderful role models and Godly women in my life. When I was thinking about who I could write about in this post, my mind kept wandering back to a woman who went to my church growing up. I always think of her when God convicts me of being ungrateful and taking His blessings for granted.

This women had a difficult life (and that description is an understatement) and by worldly standards had very very little. And yet, despite her difficulties and her lack of possessions, what I remember most about her is that she never, ever complained. In fact, I remember hearing this come out of her mouth at every church service "well, I never want to miss opportunity to praise God." it brings tears to my eyes-her heart was so genuine and her love for God was so greatly displaced by her words and the way she treated others. she always gave. always-even when I know it had to be all she had-she always gave and she always thanked God for what He had given her.

to me, that is someone who inspires beauty.

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