Monday, January 17, 2011

gregg and i spent the past 2.5 days remembering our pre-child days.

on saturday morning i met my parents halfway between our place and theirs and sent abbey home with them. i'd love to tell you gregg and i had an eventful and exciting weekend but i'd be lying. really, we had a relaxing and chill weekend just hanging out together and, honestly, i think that is all both of us really wanted :)

after sending abbey on her way, we headed straight to a 2 hour leadership training for church and came directly home for a 1.5 hour nap. after waking up we headed out to a 5:00 dinner, made quick trip to central market and target and then we were home by 9pm. crazy is what we are. clearly.

sunday was spent at church, lunch out with friends, window shopping downtown and more napping. today we wandered around town and did a bit of shopping and then went to our foster care training. i'm telling you-we really know how to live it up when given the chance ; )

we really did enjoy our weekend together relaxing and being lazy at home but really, i miss abbey and can't wait to see her sweet happy little face tomorrow morning!


gm said...

i had lots of fun this weekend, we actually did a whole lot of stuff, it wasn't lame, and it was very relaxing as well. good times.

Anonymous said...

if you enjoy each other to "waste" your free weekend together. you have a gift.