Wednesday, December 1, 2010

day 22 and 23: favorite city and vacation

favorite city:

i am not sure i've really visited or lived in enough places to have a favorite city so i'll go with easy answer-austin. it's by far my favorite city in texas. i tried to find a picture but had no luck. oh well.

favorite vacation:

hard to say-as i've mentioned before i haven't really been many places. gregg and i spent our honeymoon in charleston, sc. while it wasn't an elaborate vacation, we did have a lot of fun. we had 4 full days there and spent them wandering around the downtown area. it really is a beautiful city-plenty of old historic buildings, lots of shopping and food and it's right on a beach. it was just a relaxing time and i often think about that week these days when life seems hectic and i have to schedule time to do just about anything.

here are a few pictures from that trip in march of '07...

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gm said...

i wish we could go somewhere again one day. somewhere real and worthwhile. maybe one day.